Friday, May 2, 2014


I teach group fitness classes and my favorite format I teach is called GRIT. It is only 30 minutes because it is intense. In our training we are taught to do a group huddle before class starts and explain WHY this works, WHAT they can expect and HOW to keep going when they want to quit.  To wrap it all up I remind them that if all else fails…JUST MOVE(even if that means marching place).

·    I've learned from teaching GRIT that it is just as important to "group huddle" with God. Here are some things I've learned:
1.  STOP and LISTEN to GOD before you move. Just like my class runs better when we group huddle we must group huddle with God.
2. Ask God WHY, WHAT & HOW

1.  HOW will the enemy rip you off?
The enemies number one plan of defeat against us moving is getting us to get so caught up in our weaknesses and fears that we are literally paralyzed. 
2.  HOW do we keep moving?
If you are a believer you have the LION of Judah living on the inside just waiting for the day that we will release Him. Have you ever noticed the lions at the zoo?  They pace back and forth just staring at you and you know they are thinking "if I ever get out of here you are mine!"  I feel like that's how the holy spirit feels inside of us...the enemy knows when we release the holy spirit he is dead.  

 Every single time we step outside of our comfort zone and stop letting our insecurities hold us back we release the lion.  Over time of doing this that Lion(the Holy spirit) will be the first thing released instead of our insecurities.

Today I want to challenge you to just start moving.  God doesn’t call us to do anything he hasn't already equipped us to what is keeping you from moving today?


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