Monday, June 9, 2014

The Big 3-0!

As I mentioned here I share a birthday with my son Zeke.  We have never thrown him a real party so this year I decided to go all out and have a backyard splash party for him.  I am not a party planner so when I do throw one it totally consumes me.  I have told my husband from the day our son was born to not include me on his birthday celebration because I always wanted him to have his own special day. So, honestly, even though it was my 30th birthday I really had no idea anything was being planned for me. Truth be told I thought maybe my mom would "surprise" me with a homemade cookie cake since that's what she made for me growing up(still craving that btw mom). :)  I thought my sister, Sarah, would personalize a unique gift for me because that's what she does. And most importantly I thought my husband, Matt, would give me a night alone with no kids to get a mani/pedi and do whatever I please because let's face it...these days just going to the bathroom with no kids around is a real treat!

After Zeke's party Sarah suggested we get a pedicure and do a little shopping. So we went shopping and then tried to find somewhere to get a pedicure but being Saturday afternoon every place we stopped at said it would be an hour wait.  Little did I know that Sarah was texting with my family & friends while we were out making sure we made it back to the house at the right time. She told me she needed to get back to the house since she left her daughter, Maeva, there napping. At this point I honestly had no idea anything was going my mind we would go home, grab all the kids and head out the door to church, then that night we would go out to eat or Matt would give me some free time with no kids:)  

Here is a picture of the kids upstairs preparing for us to walk in:

When I opened the door and saw this I was more confused then surprised!  Almost everyone at my party was just at Zeke's party a few hours before so I couldn't figure out why they were there again:)

Here is a picture of me with my family.  Luckily I had a cute dress on because I left the house ready for church but as you can see in this pic my hair was frazzled and make-up was non-exsistant from the party earlier that day.

Next they showed me the amazing picture my sister Sarah designed and had everyone there put a thumbprint on:

Here is the yummy food table filled with my favorite treats(sugar cookies, cake and Kristen's most amazing homemade hummus!):

And how about this 30 collage my sister Sarah designed?!  Thank you Sarah...I will cherish this forever!

Some fun water bottles that Sarah also designed...I missed the crafty gene in our family:)

Here is a pic of me and my wonderful sister Sarah. Thank you Sarah for making my day so special!

Here I am with my wonderful parents.  I definitely wouldn't be who I am without you two!

Here are my amazing friends, Janeil & Kristen, who worked behind the scenes to get this party planned for me...I love you girls more than words can express!

One of my favorite parts of my birthday was when my friends spoke prophetic words over me!

Our first attempt at a group picture:)

Another group shot of everyone but my mom who was taking the picture. 

The surprises didn't stop here!  My amazing husband arranged a sitter(on his own), took me and my family to The Melting Pot for dinner and surprised me with an ipad so I can work on my blogging(that's only funny to you if you remember the Friends episode where Ross works on his music). :)

Here I am with my handsome man at the Melting Pot where he had rose petals waiting for us on the table:

To say I was blessed by the love of my sweet friends and family would be an understatement. There was a season of my life where the Lord asked me to spend less time with friends and get grounded in him.  It was painful and lonely at times but I am so thankful I obeyed because now I have a deep relationship with the Lord, amazing friends, and a rock solid marriage that doesn't waiver when the storms of life hit. Thank you everyone for making my Big 3-0 special!!


  1. What a great surprise! Happy 30th! Looks like you had a fabulous day!

  2. Makes my heart LEAP with joy because I love all of you

  3. Was such a WONDERFUL celebration!! Was hard keeping you in the dark. ;) Absolutely loved celebrating're the best!! xoxo
    P.S. Thanks for the kind words! :)