Saturday, July 19, 2014

Real Life is Messy

We went to a workshop at Marriage Today in Southlake that was all about technology and how it influences your family.  We talked about Facebook, smart phones and video games.  There was a ton of great information but the speaker said one statement that really stood out "Real life is messy".  He was talking about the difference between Facebook and real life.  On Facebook if we say something incorrect we can simply edit the post or delete it all together.  Not so in real life.  The moment you say something to a friend or family member it is out there.  No taking it back.  So if we aren't careful we begin to idolize our Facebook friends over our real life friends(and family) because, let's be honest, everyone on Facebook just looks perfect.  

How about this picture for example.  On the left is an example of a picture you usually see of me on Facebook, every hair in place and makeup carefully applied.  But if I were honest with you, the picture on the right of me sitting in bed with not a lick of makeup and obviously no hairs in place is the reality of what I look like when said "glamorous" girl on the left is posting to Facebook.  

How about this for another real life example.  Normally when we take pictures of our kids we are sure to clear the clutter in the background to make our homes look spotless.  The reality?  Toys everywhere, a basket of unfolded clothes on the couch and a sister passed out on the floor over being upset with baby brother.  

So am I saying we all need to go around showing the dirty, messy, negative things about our life?  Not at all.  In fact, I don't want to follow a bunch of negative Nellie's on Facebook so please don't start only showing us the mess in your life. :)  However, I do think it is important for us all to keep these visual images in mind when interacting with each other on Facebook.  No matter how perfect someones life may seem, the truth is that everyone has mess in their life.  It may look different depending on what season of life you are in but we all have a mess.  We are all real humans who make mistakes sometimes.  Don't let the devil convince you otherwise.  Be you, be comfortable in your skin and remember:


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