Friday, September 19, 2014

{Fit Friday} God's Fit Kids

Today's Fit Friday post comes to you from my wonderful daughters, Ellie(age 7) & Olivia(age 5).  At the beginning of the week I had recorded myself doing an oblique tabata because some of my friends had asked for some new core moves.  I figured instead of just telling them I would do it with them in the video.:) While my video was a hot mess, I'm thankful I did it because my girls saw it and asked "Mom, can WE make a video?!"  Of course I said yes so they got to work writing their workout, looking up a scripture to share, naming their class and picking out the perfect outfits.

I am SO proud of them and love giving them an outlet to live life outside of their shell at such an early age.  I shared the videos with friends on Facebook and many kids did the videos! You can see their first few videos here:
Gods Fit Kids (Video 1) from godsfitkids on GodTube.

Gods Fit Kids (Video 2) from godsfitkids on GodTube.

If you have kids be sure to subscribe to their GodTube Channel!

P.S. Here is the sweaty mess video I recorded that same day that inspired them to do their own.  They are WAY cuter than me!

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