Thursday, February 12, 2015

{Insert Controversial Topic or DIY Project Here}

Hi friends!

This might be the most random post I've written but God dropped it on my heart as I was falling asleep last night and I have learned that when He does that it's because I am supposed to write about it.  

So what's up with my blog title "Insert controversial topic or DIY project here"?  If you are a blogger you may understand the tempation there is to let what's popular or gains a high level of followers drive what you write about.  I have to admit I have caught myself thinking about what to write based on what would get the most shares.  Hear me when I say there is nothing wrong with having a large following or getting your article shared and pinned thousands of times.  There is also nothing wrong with DIY blogs because believe me this girl NEEDS those kind of blogs in my life. :)

But for me, I started this blog only because I began to feel God tell me to start writing.  I didn't set out to make a business out of it or gain thousands of followers over night. I also do not have the gift of creating new and exciting crafts or made from scratch party favors so if I allow myself to go chase that bunny trail it will end with horrible posts of random projects I tried to make happen.  

My mission is simple: to empower people to live life outside of their shell(also known as comfort zone) and be all God called them to be.  I feel lead to do that through sharing stories God puts on my heart, writing a short devotional, sharing some fitness/nutrition tips(since that is also a passion of mine) and sometimes just some fun posts about my family and our life.  

I believe the most powerful tool we have is the word of our testimony.  Revelation 12:11 says "But they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony."

Whether you blog or not, your testimony matters and is powerful.  I am not just talking about your salvation story(which is very powerful and important) but also your daily testimonies of God's faithfulness when you did something that He called you to that was so much bigger than yourself.  

Do you have a testimony of a time you had a "life outside the shell" moment and you saw God move in a mighty way?  I would love to hear your story and feature you on a blog post(I can keep it anonymous if you ask me to).  Please contact me or follow my Facebook page and message me with your story.  

We all have a story, now is the time to own yours and share it to inspire others around you!  

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