Thursday, February 26, 2015

Livvy's Princess Party

My sweet Olivia Grace turned 6 a few weeks ago and we had a Princess dress-up party.  Before I give you too many details of the party I just have to give all credit to my mother for the adorable decorations!  I asked her to help me with a few things and she went above and beyond, as usual.  Thank you mom!  This was such a fun party and we were so grateful to all who were able to help us celebrate Livvy. 

 Here are the glitter crowns my mom made. Aren't they adorable?! And we can't forget about the adorable "Happy Birthday Livvy" banner my sister Sarah, from Life{Sweet}Life, designed!

 This sweet area was our dress-up station. The girls had a blast trying on hats, sunglasses, boas and more. Again my mom gets the credit for this one!  In case you are wondering, she hung a shower rod with curtains over our entertainment center...genius!

 A few pics of my sweet Liv and me before the party began. You will notice she had this adorable Mustard Pie dress on in the first pics then she insisted on changing into a red glitter dress(don't get me started on how she owns that) for the actual party.  But, I decided to let the birthday girl have her day and wear whatever she wanted. :)
A few pics of the food table. Lots of sweets and a few veggies & fruits thrown in! :) 

How cute are these edible nail polishes that my mom made?!  They were super simple...base is a marshmallow rolled in colored icing and sugar sprinkles. Then a tootsie roll on top.  They were a big hit!  This is my older daughter, Ellie, wanting to eat them all before the party started. :) 

Here is the sweet birthday girl(in her new red dress) all ready to eat some snacks and cake. 

In our formal dining area the girls had a Princess Feast and sang Happy Birthday to Livvy. 

All the girls dressed up before the surprise arrives!

And then came the BIG surprise....a horse drawn carriage for the princesses!  This was the coolest and sweetest thing ever!  The company asked if I wanted them to dress them up in our party colors and make them unicorns...yes please!  

The looks on the girls faces were priceless!!

Carriage ride fun!

Since only 8 girls could ride the carriage at a time the other girls jumped on the trampoline and did a photo shoot while waiting for their turn.  Here are just a few pics of the cuties all dressed up. :)

And of course a party wouldn't be complete without some princess favors. I ordered the carriages online and filled them with candy, a ring pop and clip on earrings.  

Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful mom who made this party so adorable!  Thank you again mom for making Livvy's day so special!  

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